I can see clearly now the rain has gone

Lough Gill

After what seems like months of rain we have actually had some sunshine. It made such a nice change that I skipped the gym and went off exploring.

I haven’t done that in ages. I’m also testing out a Fuji S1 bridge camera, although it’s weather proof I hadn’t bothered shooting with it because of the grey days.

Lough Colgagh, Calry

There’s still a lot of flooding around. No surprise with the amount of rain and storms we’ve had. The pic above is Lough Colgagh, Calry, Co. Sligo. You’d have to swim to get to the gate!


I really like the photo above. It was taken at Doorly Park, Sligo. Fantastic reflections that day. All the photos in this blog were taken with the Fuji and on first impressions I really like it. I’ll do a proper write-up one day to tell you all about it. So far the biggest pro is that it’s really light to carry around, I was starting to hurt my shoulder with the Canon, lens and flash. Biggest con is the awful viewfinder! It really lets the camera down….anyway I’ll leave all of that until the review.

Swan reflections

I’m hoping we get more days like this. I’ve missed being out and about with the camera.


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  1. Such Stunning pictures, shows how lucky you are to live in that part of the world, hope to be over for a visit to Sligo in the next few weeks.

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