Freezing and Fund It!

I’ve had trouble sleeping recently so I was awake for a few hours during the night. This was the view out of my window at 5am. I finally got to sleep for about an hour until it was time to get up, luckily tiredness hasn’t hit me yet. I walked Rocket-dog at around 7am and […]

Happy 2015

It’s kind of tradition now that I post a pic of the lads looking miserable on New Year’s Eve. It’s mainly to show Lucy what she’s missing when she’s off out enjoying herself and we are plonked in front of the TV with our little buffet 🙂 One year I’d love to go to London […]

Sales and Sunsets

Yesterday Lucy and I went into town. She wanted to check out the sales and spend the vouchers she got for Christmas. I’d run out of bread and milk 😉 Anyway Sligo was packed! The queue in Penneys was almost back to the door and a lot of the shelves in other shops were empty. […]

Sligo Live 2014

Sligo Live has just taken place. It’s been a great few days with plenty of music in various venues throughout the town. I got to see Claudia Schwab & Marti Taern at The Model. I also saw Tom Terrell at The Model, who proved to be very popular. The thing I like about Sligo Live […]

Lough Gill Hospice Swim 2014

Following on my from ‘Rock the boat’ post about my ‘phobia’ of boats and how I had to be in one to take photos of the Lough Gill Swim I’m delighted to say I did it…and even though I behaved like a big girl at the beginning but thankfully Ita who was filming the swim […]

On Baile’s Strand

Yesterday was a brilliant day in Sligo. The Blue Raincoat Theatre Company performed Yeat’s On Baile’s Strand on Cummeen Strand, Strandhill. It was all very interesting right from the journey over to the play itself. I didn’t realise Cummeen Strand was so close to Coney Island and I have a really bad leg at the […]