Sligo Live 2014

nightsligolive1 Sligo Live has just taken place. It’s been a great few days with plenty of music in various venues throughout the town. I got to see Claudia Schwab & Marti Taern at The Model.


I also saw Tom Terrell at The Model, who proved to be very popular. The thing I like about Sligo Live is that it’s a chance to hear musicians that you might not otherwise get to hear.


I really wanted to see Bell X1 who were one of the headline acts and were playing at the Knocknarea Arena in the IT Sligo but I couldn’t afford a ticket and I tried everywhere to win a ticket but no such luck. So it was looking like I wouldn’t get to see them until my friend asked me if I wanted her weekend ticket as she wasn’t able to go. I felt like Cinderella…minus the glass slipper and the ugly sisters! Bell X1 were amazing, I loved seeing them. The support band weren’t my kind of thing…but I’m old!


Sheryl Crow was playing on Sunday night at the Knocknarea Arena. Old Hannah were the support band, the staff were strict about photography though and I got asked to stop taking photos of Old Hannah, so there’s just one and no photos of Sheryl Crow (well not by me anyway). Sheryl was very good and the place was packed! I’ve never seen a Sligo event so busy.

I really liked the festival club which took place in 5th On Teeling every night after the IT shows. There were three stages there with a choice of traditional music, a main stage and an acoustic stage. StreetCart were also there serving their great food. I’m not good with late nights so I only got to see Dean Gurrie, but he was great. He’s bringing out an album soon so I’m looking forward to that.

It’s been a great few days. Huge thanks to my friend for the ticket, very much appreciated.

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