On Baile’s Strand

IMG_1925Yesterday was a brilliant day in Sligo. The Blue Raincoat Theatre Company performed Yeat’s On Baile’s Strand on Cummeen Strand, Strandhill. It was all very interesting right from the journey over to the play itself. I didn’t realise Cummeen Strand was so close to Coney Island and I have a really bad leg at the moment so I didn’t fancy walking all the way over (and Gilbert the car would have got stuck). So as I was walking along (and wasn’t 100% sure I was going to the right place), I met up with Dave Flynn (musician extraordinaire) and his friend Jane, we were contemplating how to get over to the play as there was fairly deep water on the way and none of us had suitable shoes on. Luck was on our side as a friendly farmer in a tractor stopped and offered us a lift.

IMG_0732Slight problem though as there was only one other seat in the tractor (apart from the drivers). As I was the oldest I got the seat, poor Jane was shoved up behind me and Dave didn’t know what to do so he ended up on my lap! You couldn’t make it up!! Just right that Dave is in the band Anything Goes…because anything did go.

Dave on my lapSo there we were wedged into a steaming up Massey Ferguson, listening to iRadio and going along the beach. The beach was very bumpy and every time the tractor went over a bump Dave hit his head, I’m pretty sure he had concussion by the time we arrived at the play. I’m just delighted that I didn’t get seasick (I can’t even look at google maps because it makes me feel ill so a trip in a bumpy tractor wasn’t ideal!)

IMG_1703So back to the play: ‘King Concobar, aware of Cuchullain’s bravery and his unruly temper, makes Cuchullain swear an oath of obedience, forcing the unaware Cuchulain to fight and kill his own son. When informed of the truth, Cuchullain, mad with despair, runs out to fight the sea.’

IMG_1545A crowd of around 200 people (and dogs and horses) came along to see the play. It was a real dark overcast day which added to the atmosphere and made it all very mystical.

IMG_1515There was haunting music provided by Joe and Simon Hunt and some of the audience joined in the chanting. The crowds were enthralled, once again I’m amazed by the talented people we have here in Sligo.

IMG_1627The rest of my photos are here. If you ever get the chance to see the Blue Raincoat Theatre company perform I’d really recommend it. I also loved the fact that it was outside, the beach was just the perfect setting.

IMG_1839My trip back to the mainland wasn’t as near as exciting as the trip out as my farmer was busy working on his farm. I did cadge a lift with a nice man from Clare and his family so my thanks to them….I didn’t have Dave sitting on my lap this time.


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