Sales and Sunsets


Yesterday Lucy and I went into town. She wanted to check out the sales and spend the vouchers she got for Christmas. I’d run out of bread and milk πŸ˜‰ Anyway Sligo was packed! The queue in Penneys was almost back to the door and a lot of the shelves in other shops were empty. Not to mention the shops that weren’t open! I’ll never understand that how some shops extend their Christmas break for longer, mind you I don’t understand the ones that open on St. Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day) either.


I thought the sales were pretty rubbish to be honest although I’m not much of a shopper. I did get a bargain though, it even came with instructions πŸ˜‰


It was worth my while going out because the sky was fantastic on the way home. I stopped off at Ballisodare Bay to take some photos.



The Christmas lights are still on in Ballisodare and it looks lovely.



So in taking all these photos I’m hoping that my mojo is back πŸ™‚ O’Connor’s pub in Ballisodare looked very welcoming…if only I wasn’t driving.IMG_4371

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  1. I didn’t think Penneys would have a sale on that early. Did you go to the Next one at 6am? I didn’t bother. I picked up loads in Mothercare after 10am. They always seem to be good for clothing on St Stephens Day.

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