Lough Gill Hospice Swim 2014

IMG_0920Following on my from ‘Rock the boat’ post about my ‘phobia’ of boats and how I had to be in one to take photos of the Lough Gill Swim I’m delighted to say I did it…and even though I behaved like a big girl at the beginning but thankfully Ita who was filming the swim and Andrew who owned the boat were very good and I soon settled down. Best of all I didn’t feel sick! I have huge respect for the swimmers who took part in the swim. Over 60 of them braved the elements to raise money for North West Hospice, in memory of Neill McGarry, the first swimmer took two hours to complete the swim, which is fantastic going.


Not only do I have great respect for the swimmers but also the kayakers. Each swimmer has their own kayaker who paddles alongside them and looks after them. As we moved away from the music and the crowd all we could hear were kayakers talking to their swimming partners and making sure they were OK. There were also sub aqua club members, civil defence, local boats and stand up paddlers on the water to keep a watchful eye out for the swimmers. It really does put the swim in a whole new perspective being out on the water instead of on dry land.

IMG_0806Even some goats came out to cheer on the swimmers. I didn’t take the best photos because it’s quite hard to focus the camera when the boat is moving (well that’s my excuse anyway!)

IMG_1292The photo above really sums up the close bond between the swimmer and the kayaker. Well done to all involved. The rest of my photos are here.


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  1. thanks val for great coverage of the swim as u say the kayakers do fab job and kinda get forgot about in the hype of the day so i say well done to them all

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