Cute kittens

I had the pleasure of photography these gorgeous kittens during the week. They are up for adoption from Sligo Animal Rescue and will be ready in three weeks. If you can give them a home please contact the rescue. Update: All kittens are now booked 🙂

The animals bite back

It's been a bit of a week with animals this week. First of all the dog decided to take himself for a walk. The first thing I knew about it was when the black stray cat that hangs around came into the house in a lassie style mode and started biting me leg and trying... Continue Reading →

The cat and the moon…….

The cat and the moon......., originally uploaded by magnum_lady(slow internet). Another old photo but because the cats get a mention today I thought I use this photo. I have to say how overwhelmed I have been by the kind words and support about my blog from the people on tripadvisor 🙂 Today Lucy has had... Continue Reading →

Norway douze points

Bright, originally uploaded by magnum_lady (back online :). Well I hate to admit it but I quite enjoyed the Eurovision song contest last night. Some of the songs were really quite good. I wasn't surprised that Norways 'Harry Potter' lookalike won, it was a catchy much so that I'm still singing it! The contest... Continue Reading →

Love Cats

Love Cats, originally uploaded by magnum_lady (back online :). Well I'm feeling a lot better today, just left with a headache now. Yummy Mammy suggested I had swine flu, which had actually crossed my mind (who shouted hypochondriac!!!) Another day of rushing around like a mad thing, I wonder if I will ever have time... Continue Reading →

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