Norway douze points

Bright, originally uploaded by magnum_lady (back online 🙂.

Well I hate to admit it but I quite enjoyed the Eurovision song contest last night. Some of the songs were really quite good. I wasn’t surprised that Norways ‘Harry Potter’ lookalike won, it was a catchy song….so much so that I’m still singing it! The contest was made all the better by the online chat I was having on some of the comments were hilarious.
I also like Graham Nortons comments and didn’t miss Terry Wogan at all.

I thought the Denmark entry was really funny. I know that Ronan Keating wrote the song but did yer man have to sing just like him?? Talk about karaoke.

Anyway enough of Eurovision chat. Today we went to mums to fit her cooker. It was the cooker we bought in February before we knew we were moving and there is a built in cooker in this house (even though the hob is about half a mile away from the oven and I need a skateboard to get from one to the other….but that’s another story). Mum was on about getting a cooker so she decided to have our one.
It all went fairly straightforward apart from Andy nearly putting his back out and getting hit in the nose by a knob off the cooker…..hee hee.

Thanks so much for your comments on my other posts I didn’t get around to answering them, so just to let you know the pet competition doesn’t close until next week, so no idea if the cats got anywhere….fingers crossed though. 🙂

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  1. I was a bit disappointed with the Eurovision in the end. Despite UK coming 5th, Norway was such a runaway winner that it kind of spoilt it…Not a bad song though!

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