Rocket-dog got a present!


There was great excitement in our household when the postman arrived with a package for Rocket-dog. He was delighted and even opened it himself!

Pooch and Purr Hampers

It was a fabulous hamper from Pooch & Purr Pet Hampers! They are located in Sligo but will post Nationwide and have a wonderful selection of hampers for cats, dogs and even pet owners! Even better news they are donating 10% of all sales to Sligo Animal Rescue. So if you are stuck for gift ideas for pet lovers these would be purrfect…see what I did there 😉

Ooh the excitement

Rocket-dog was delighted with all his goodies. There was popcorn for dogs (which is a great idea because he loves popcorn). There was a pupbake, chicken treats and even a dog birthday cake. It was all beautifully wrapped up in tissue paper and packed in a box covered in dog paw prints with matching ribbon.

Dog birthday cake

Thank you so much to Pooch and Purr Pet Hampers for such a lovely surprise.

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  1. Great idea! I’m delighted for sweet Rocket-dog (and obviously, so was he!). I’ll definitely have a look at their site/FB page and see what they’ve got for my boys. And what’s even more wonderful is that they’re donating 10% of the sales for such an important and worthy cause. Where in Sligo are they located?

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