Fire in the sky

Fire in the sky, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. This was the sky this evening. It's very fitting with Halloween coming up I think. I took my mum and Jono to Carrick on Shannon for a change today. They have a big Tesco in the retail park there. Also Woodies, Heatons, Boots and a great pound... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

Well today was Mother's Day so we had my mum over for dinner. I bought her the flowers above and also a book and a cd. Dinner went well and I didn't weld anything to the baking tray.....which has happened to me before! The black forest gateau that I made tasted OK too, although I... Continue Reading →

The cat and the moon…….

The cat and the moon......., originally uploaded by magnum_lady(slow internet). Another old photo but because the cats get a mention today I thought I use this photo. I have to say how overwhelmed I have been by the kind words and support about my blog from the people on tripadvisor 🙂 Today Lucy has had... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well today is Mother's Day here. I spent most of the day cooking as we invited mum around for dinner. It was lovely, like a Christmas dinner (minus the crackers). It was lovely to have a day off hospital visiting. Mum went in to see dad and he's much... Continue Reading →

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