Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well today is Mother’s Day here. I spent most of the day cooking as we invited mum around for dinner. It was lovely, like a Christmas dinner (minus the crackers).

It was lovely to have a day off hospital visiting. Mum went in to see dad and he’s much the same, he didn’t remember us being in there last night with him.

I got a very nice present for the cat today when she decided to go to the toilet all over me….how charming!

I’ve had so many lovely messages from people about dad and Jono, so thank you so much for that, it really helps a lot.

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  1. Hugs to you all. My nephew, Andrew sends your Jono best wishes. He is having surgery very soon and is praying for it as he is in such pain. God love him, he has lost so much weight due to not eating because of Diphene, a stong painkiller. Luckily enough he was a big big lad and was carrying a lot of of excess weight. So he could afford to lose a bit.
    Val, you are doing so well on this awful journey you have been launched on. Hold on is all I can say. You will come out the other side. Best wishes and loads of love going your way. Best wishes…Pam

  2. Val, I meant to say to you. Would you and yours like a stay in my cottage? I know it is not a consideration at the moment but when the dust settles maybe you could use a break? You are more than welcome if you would like it. We have one bedroom, double and a pull out couch in living room. This is an open offer for you so no rush in deciding. I realise what a twighlight zone you are in at moment. Keep it in mind for the future, Just let me know. Best wishes…Pam, Leitrim or Dublin. Both my homes are open to you.

  3. just let me know if i can do anything for you… your life is so stressful at the moment (i’m glad to hear mothers day was a bit of a break for you)

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