Glencar teaSHED

Glencar Waterfall

I’m delighted that there is a new coffee shop at Glencar waterfall, Co. Leitrim. Many a time I’ve been to the waterfall,usually when it’s raining and I’ve wanted a place to relax and dry off….plus I’m usually always hungry but I’d have to wait until I got back in to Sligo….not anymore!


A big welcome to the teaSHED. It’s a really lovely coffee shop and the cappuccino and scone I had were delicious. It’s a real asset to Glencar.

G;encar Teashed interior

I was tempted to try all the cakes though! They are made on the premises and all looked wonderful.



Latte and Death by Chocolate

There are also a great selection of gifts available, now including some of my prints, calendars and badges and soon there will be a playground open for the children. It’s a great excuse to visit the waterfall even more than I do already 🙂


So if you are next in the area, it’s well worth paying a visit.

Glencar teaSHED

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  1. I agree, Val. Very much needed and very welcomed. I’ll definitely be popping in there the next time we visit the waterfall. Oh, and I see a couple of fellow market traders’ goods in there, as well.:)

  2. Too bad this wasn’t here when we visited. It looks great! All those tea-cakes look like a temptation too much to resist. Lots of euros? And great that your products will be carried as well – congrats!

  3. Was here a couple of years ago and loved it…Visiting again this June and will enjoy it all the more now with the tea shed to look forward to and of course one of those delicious cakes (or two)….Gerry

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