The last couple of days have been all about cakes 🙂 Lucy made the one above for her friend's birthday. It's a really clever idea for a cake....I hope she makes me one when it's my birthday! Today was a really awful day and as Lucy has taken her cake to her friends I decided... Continue Reading →

The Thaw

Finally the snow seems to be going. At long last, we now have ice and the lane is still slippy especially as we've had rain on top of the ice and snow. I managed to get out today and took mum to the local supermarket to get a bit of shopping. It's over ten days... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well this was my attempt at an Easter cake, I'm not too happy with the writing, my Happy is smaller then my The icing eggs are from Kates Kitchen, which is a wonderful shop in Sligo that sells all kinds of goodies. My mum came over for dinner... Continue Reading →

Summer in September

Bugging, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. The sun came out for the second day running, must be a miracle. I went into town briefly after I dropped Lucy to school. I saw the 10 euro biscuits in Tesco...still 10 euro, someone really isn't doing their job. Surely it would be better not to put a price... Continue Reading →

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