IMG_1690 IMG_1691The last couple of days have been all about cakes 🙂 Lucy made the one above for her friend’s birthday. It’s a really clever idea for a cake….I hope she makes me one when it’s my birthday!

IMG_1688Today was a really awful day and as Lucy has taken her cake to her friends I decided to make a jam and cream sponge….I haven’t tried it yet though so I hope it tastes OK.


16 thoughts on “Cakes

  1. Jazzygal says:

    Couldn’t pass up on a blog with ‘Cakes’ as a title! I am addicted to M&Ms, can’t pass my son’s room without dipping in to his stash.

    Sponge cake is something I must try to make, yours looks lovely. i’m sure it was yummy…

    xx Jazzy

  2. June says:

    Mmmmmm…..cakes! Love cakes of all kinds – and Lucy’s definitely is a treat for not just the tastebuds, but for the eyes as well. Very imaginative and creative – and fun! Bet she will make you one of those beauties when your birthday rolls round…I love sponge cakes, too. There’s just something comforting and happy about a sponge cake….different kind of comforting than chocolate, though. Chocolate cake is decadent, almost naughty, while sponge cake is light, airy, lovely, and of course delicious, but a very happy kind of personality for a cake. Am I making any sense at all? lol

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