Mars Bar, Oreo and Malteser Cake

Mars bar and Malteser cakeWarning: This is very sickly and you might break your teeth on the thick chocolate!

If you have a very sweet tooth this might be the cake for you. I find it very sickly and the fact that the mixture under the chocolate topping looked like compost put me off slightly (but not enough to stop me eating it!)


One packet of Oreo biscuits

4 Mars bars

Half a can of condensed milk


100g of Connacht Gold Butter

2 x 200g packs of milk chocolate


Well there’s not a right method with me but this is what I did.

Line a deep enough dish with clingfilm (otherwise you’ll never get it out of the dish) – make sure when you do get it out there’s no clingfilm remaining on the arse of it (I don’t think it’d taste very nice).

Bung the Oreo biscuits in a blender to crush them.

Cut up the mars bars into small pieces.

Crush a handful of maltesers.

Melt the butter and condensed milk in a saucepan (use a low heat or it’ll go yucky).

Bung the mars bars, maltesers, biscuit mixture into your saucepan of gooey muck (butter and condensed milk), give it a good old mix and pour it into your dish. Put it in the fridge to set (I put mine in for about ten minutes because ain’t nobody got time for it to set for hours).

Break the milk chocolate into squares and put it into a pyrex dish over a pan of boiling water. Wait until it melts and try not to drink it (it’s very difficult!) Pour the melted chocolate over your biscuit mixture and decorate with maltesers, leave to set for about 30 minutes and cut into squares while it is still fairly soft. Keep it in the fridge and it’ll last for a few days (if you haven’t eaten it all).

I’m going to experiment a bit with this recipe, it’s a good idea but very sticky and the compost colour puts me off.

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