In the pink

  In the pink, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well the flower is in the pink anyway. As I was saying in yesterday's blog this week has been really busy. On Tuesday evening I went to the Sligo Park Hotel for Plan Ireland's photo competition and exhibition. There were some lovely photo's on display although only... Continue Reading →

Boats in the woods

Boats in the woods, originally uploaded by magnum_lady(slow internet). Well I've been quiet for the last few days because I've had a really bad migraine. It's finally gone now. This time my usual tablets didn't work and there was so much going on I couldn't rest but anyway I'm OK now. This photo was taken... Continue Reading →


Rainbow, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. As some of the regular readers to my blog might know, Jono has Asperger's syndrome. There is some help out there but it is hard to find other parents who understand. A group has just started in Sligo for parents who have children with asperger's syndrome. If anyone wants any... Continue Reading →

Sunday and Monday

So as you know I had to take Jono up to Crumlin for his pre-op assessment. We got the 1pm train from Sligo on Sunday. It was really busy, there were some musicians sitting opposite us and we were wondering if they were famous. Also on the train was a Harry Hill lookalike and even... Continue Reading →

Crumlin Cutbacks

Regular readers of my blog will know about my son Jonathan. He has Asperger's Syndrome. He also has kyphosis and scoliosis for which he is on the waiting list at Our Ladys Hospital Crumlin to have a spinal fusion. The Irish Daily Mail contacted me and did the above article. We are really hoping that... Continue Reading →

Across the bridge

Across the bridge, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well I'm a bit cheesed off today. We had a meeting about Jono to see what he was going to do in Sept./October now that he's finished school. It seems there isn't a whole lot out there for him because he is only 16. The health board are... Continue Reading →

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