Across the bridge

Across the bridge, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well I’m a bit cheesed off today. We had a meeting about Jono to see what he was going to do in Sept./October now that he’s finished school.

It seems there isn’t a whole lot out there for him because he is only 16. The health board are starting a great pilot project for people with Asperger’s syndrome but they will only take over 18 year olds, which isn’t any help for us.

It was suggested Jono went back to school but he really didn’t get on well, if anything it made matters worse so that’s out of the question.

So what to do know? Well who knows? It’s not good for him to be sitting at home for two years. We had hoped he could go to the National learning network but most of the courses are funded by the health board and again they won’t take them until they are 18. There is one course that may be possible but aparently there is a long waiting list.

So I guess waiting is what we have to do. The photo is because it feels like we have a bridge to cross.

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  1. luv the way you can just make that guy out at the top of the bridge!!
    brilliant perspective & such an appropriate photo for you guys at the moment,
    can’t believe there’s so little out there for 16yr olds, seems crazy!!
    is everyone here academic??!!

  2. Something will turn up for Jono Val, it always does to those who need it most – keep hunting, keep pressurising, keep nagging those who can open doors and it will happen.

    My thoughts are with you.

    Regards, Rarelesserspotted

  3. Good old HSE inflexible planning hey- I wonder what they actually think person-centred planning means in their full color 180 gm glossy brochures?

    I would keep writing to them until you get a written reply Val, and then copy that reply to everyone you can think of, just to try and get a reaction.

    In the meantime have you looked at vocational training programs in your area? Where we live there is Festina lente – a riding stables and gardens where young people with a range of special needs can train and work. They do outplacements in the community too.

    You could also get on to
    Sligo Parents Support Network

    for more local opportunities and information.

    Good luck

  4. Ok! Its 16 in exceptional circumstances but preferrable 18! Push it and you will get him in! Jimmy Devins would probably put his weight behind you application if its want you really want for Jonno!

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