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Gently Drifting

I'm still demented with insomnia, I'm back on the magnesium again to see if I can get sleep. I've left the phone downstairs, kept the lights down, tried listening to relaxing music, tried meditation, tried breathing and goodness knows what else but I still can't sleep!   Today I went along to have a reiki… Continue reading Gently Drifting

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Feeling Grateful on Good Friday

It's been a mixed bag of a week. After the stumble there were a couple more wobbles. It teaches me I'm not invincible and to pay more head of my feelings so that's a good thing. What became clear this week was that although I'm a fairly isolated person it has been people who have… Continue reading Feeling Grateful on Good Friday

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Versatis Patches – the talk continues

Following on from my posts last week about the withdrawal of Versatis Patches by the HSE I have a couple of updates. Firstly thank you to Joe Duffy for continuing the conversation and giving us a platform to speak. You can hear more about Jono's story on this podcast at around 37 minutes in. Secondly… Continue reading Versatis Patches – the talk continues