Gym’ll Fix It

Well I’ve bitten the bullet and joined a gym. Kilronan Castle have a great deal on off-peak membership and it’s on my way to work – so I’m giving it a try. It’s also in a lovely scenic location (the photo above is the driveway).

Summer came – minus the weather, so I sat on the sofa and ate all the wrong things. My waistline disappeared and I now resemble a potato. The dogs are getting older so they aren’t really up for long walks anymore and I got lazy and comfortable. Well I say comfortable – it’s anything but when I’m wedged into my jeans. It’s a miracle I haven’t injured anyone with my button flying off.

I also got a lovely shirt from the charity shop (where I buy almost all my clothes) and I can’t bend my arms when I wear it. So I’m biting the bullet and going to try to change – again.

It’s my own fault. I was being kind to myself and that usually means cake or chocolate. The insomnia that has come back also hasn’t helped, as lack of sleep makes me want to eat everything around me!

Anyway I went to the gym today and did 21 minutes on the treadmill, I know it’s only 21 minutes but it’s 21 more than I did yesterday!

I have to watch myself though as I can go from eating everything to eating half nothing as I’ve done in the past several times. Anyway I’ll let you know how I get on.

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