Sunday Thoughts

It’s been a grand week, ticking along nicely, not a bother on me, until yesterday. My dear old friend anxiety came back to bite me. I suppose it’s a reminder that it’s always around, but it did take me by surprise and gave me a bit of a wobble.

I think certain places and people trigger things, it’s usually somewhere that I’ve had a bad experience in the past or someone that I don’t feel comfortable seeing, and sometimes it’s just that I’m not in the right frame of mind to be somewhere. As I type this I’m thinking of this certain place, and it’s one I used to go to when I was very bad, but I just used to take one look at the people and drive home again without even getting out of the car. That was possibly in the back of my mind.

Anyway I managed to talk myself around and even stayed longer than I probably should have. I need to learn to listen to myself more.

On another note there are the Digital Town Awards coming up. I’m winding myself up big time about this, it’s a gala lunch and I’ve never been to any kind of gala anything, so I’ve been stressing about what to wear. The local charity shop had a one euro sale on women’s clothes, so I bought some dresses, but to be honest I look like a potato in them, and I know I’m not going to feel comfortable. I’ll be dragging at my hem and I’ll probably ladder my tights, so the good people on twitter tell me I’ll be OK in trousers with a nice top. Phew, that’s doable and I will feel much less self-concious. I’m sure it will be a lovely event but I’m nervous.

It’ll be grand, I’m telling myself, now if only myself would listen. Or if I could reconnect with the outgoing side of me that appeared at the Sockies – because she was pretty amazing!

I hope you are all keeping well, and thanks for reading the blog.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with anxiety and how you managed to talk yourself around. It’s great that you’re trying to listen to yourself more and finding ways to feel more comfortable. Best of luck at the Digital Town Awards, you’ll do great!
    founder of balance thy life

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