The Sockies 2023 – I won!

I’m shocked, surprised and delighted to have won gold in the Sockies Awards 2023. The Sockies are The Irish Social Media Awards and there were some huge companies and organisations in the final. I’ve been in the final of the Sockies for the last three years and I’ve never attended the event due to anxiety. This time my friend Sean – who runs Snorkelling Ireland was also in the final and he took me to Dublin with him. I was in the final for the Heart of Sligo campaign.

TheView from The Liberty Hall
Meeting Damien, photo credit Debbie Hickey

It was a great trip, although I do go into ‘interview’ mode and I’m sure Sean felt like I was interrogating him! I do talk a lot! I think all the chatting helped me relax though and we got to the Liberty Hall (the venue for the event) early so it helped that there were no crowds. I met Damien who runs the Sockies and I’ve known him online for years but never actually met him and he’s lovely. Damien was kind enough to let us have a look around the theatre, so I know exactly what to expect when the event started.

The Sockies are such a fun event, Rick O’Shea was the compere and he’s just great. Mr. Price had sponsored crisps and sweets and Rick fired them out at the audience – such great craic. There were some fun games in between the awards, even if you aren’t in the awards it’s a great event to go to.

Photo credit Debbie Hickey

Anyway I wasn’t expecting to win, I was even filming the announcement because I thought Sean had it in the bag, so it was all a bit of a blur when my name was called out. I can’t really remember much about it, only that some extroverted version of me too over! I took to the stage and made a speech in front of all those people – bearing in mind that I can’t even go to a local market without feeling nervous – I honestly don’t know who this brave and bolshy version of me was, but I kind of like her.

Damien and Me. Photo credit Paul Reynolds

The rest of the event is a total blur. I don’t really remember much about it. Poor Sean had to deal with me yapping on all the way home – about rubbish. That’s hours of his life that he’ll never get back!

It really was a great night and I’m very glad that I went. Well done to Damien and all the organisers, a big thank you to Sean and also to the judges of the awards. You made a middle-aged lady very happy. You can find out all the winners and runners-up here, congratulations to them all.

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  1. Val, I had to comment on this and say, you absolutely 100% deserved this award. In all the time I’ve known you, you are and still are a fantastic lady the way you represent sligo and surrounding areas. It was fantastic to hear and see that you had traveled to recieve your award, because those of us who know you relise how hard that is to do. Again Val another amazing barrier smashed congratulations and well done, you are in inspiration to all, God bless Val and well done.

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