Holistic Healing at Sunflower Lane

I had a very special morning and it’s one that I’d put off for so long. I don’t know about you but I find that self-care isn’t a priority in my life, that and the fact that I’m quite nervous at trying new things. I met Veronika, who runs Sunflower Lane, last year and she kindly offered me an acupuncture session – not for a blog post but just because she felt it might be something I needed. It took me a while to organise myself enough to take her up on her lovely offer and I went along today.

Veronika Leskova Lic.TCM – Photo credit The Natural Therapies Centre

Veronika has a wellness suite in The Natural Therapies Centre on Teeling Street in Sligo town. It’s on the top floor of the most beautiful building that I need to find out more about – I’ll tell you why later in the blog.

I’ve had an acupuncture facial before but not on my body, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Veronika went through a questionnaire with me to ask me about my medical history and if I had any concerns or issues that the acupuncture might help with. The treatment started with me on my front and Veronika inserted some very thin needles into different parts of my body, some of them stung a little bit but it wasn’t painful as such, although I did say ouch, but that’s because I’m a bit of a coward. I spent around 15 minutes relaxing with the needles in and a heat lamp on me – it was like being on holiday!

Veronika took out the needles and did a cupping session, that was pretty amazing and this was something I didn’t think I’d like at all. The cups are glass and they are warmed before they are put on your back, they form a suction and it doesn’t hurt at all, Veronika tells me some people describe them as octopus kisses and I think that’s a great description.

Next Veronika gave me a back massage and I would normally shy right away from anything like this. I’m not comfortable being touched but Veronika has such a way about her that I felt completely at ease. My left side is a bit out of kilter – Netflix repetitive strained injury 😉 and also too much time on a computer, so there was a lot of tension in my left shoulder blade. The massage really helped with that and I really enjoyed it.

I moved onto my back and some needles were inserted into my ankles, stomach and forehead, they didn’t hurt at all, just my left ankle was a bit stingy but that means something is working. I was snuggled under the heat lamp with a lavender infused eye mask on and it was just so lovely – although (and this sounds weird) I could almost feel like I was in a bedroom from years ago and in my mind I could see someone standing at the window and I got a cold feeling down one side. I’m quite sensitive to things like this so now I want to know more about the building and what it used to be. I’m very interested in this kind of thing, so if any of you know more about that building please drop me a message.

It was such a special morning and I felt full of energy after the treatment, I felt lighter and brighter and it really did me the world of good. You can find Sunflower Lane on Facebook, and if you can’t manage the stairs Veronika does call outs if necessary. She also treats all ages including children. You can also find out more about The Natural Therapies Centre, Sligo here.

Thanks so much to Veronika for her kindness, I really appreciate it.

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