Loughnaneane Sculpture Trail, Roscommon

I’m a big fan of Roscommon Town (and not just for the Iceland Store – honest). It’s a really lovely town, with lots of hidden gems, including the not so hidden Loughnaneane Sculpture Trail.

If you are looking for a flat walk, packed full of interesting things, this is the walk for you. It’s suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs, and dogs are allowed if they are on a lead. I was only there briefly as it had started to rain and I’d already had a busy day, but I will be back to explore the trail properly.

At the centre of the trail is the pond, it was full of life and I enjoyed watching the wildlife, it would be a great spot to have a picnic and just relax. There’s also an outdoor gym and a playground, so it’s perfect for all ages.

Roscommon Castle provides the backdrop to the Nature Chair, this is a stunning sculpture by artist Richie Clarke, it features some of the wildlife that can be found in the park. You should also check out the castle, which dates back to the 13th century, although it’s now a ruin, it’s still spectacular and well worth a visit.

Let me know if you’ve been there, or if you are planning to go.

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