Brendan’s Drive for Charity

We have had amazing support for the Havin’aLaugh Flourish Fundraiser and we are so grateful to everyone who has supported us in anyway. You can read all about Flourish here:

We’re delighted to have local driving instructor (and all round sound man) Brendan Tierney behind the driving wheel for our latest fundraiser. Brendan has come up with a fantastic initiative so people can learn to drive from the comfort of their own home! Although Brendan is based in Sligo, the online driving course will be of use to people from all over Ireland.

Brendan has become something of a TikTok sensation, in just a few short weeks his videos have been viewed by over 260,000 people! You can check our Brendan’s channel here:

Brendan says:

“I’ve set up this website and my online tutorials as I believe it is key to learn and study between lessons as well as on the road. At the same time, as I always say to pupils, it won’t mean hours of study, even a half hour each week will make a huge difference.”

Brendan Tierney

If you purchase the online driving lessons from now until May 12th, Brendan will kindly donate all the proceeds to Flourish and Havin’aLaugh. Prices are €30 for one month access to lessons, or €100 for 6 months access to lessons, and you can also buy a voucher if you know someone learning to drive.

Thank you so much to Brendan for his wonderful support, we really appreciate it.

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