My Favourite Place in Sligo

Imagine yourself in another world, a place filled with myths and legends, mists rolling over mountains, the sun obscured by moving clouds. This place is The Gleniff Horseshoe, Ballintrillick, in the Dartry Mountains, Sligo – and it’s spectacular, whatever the weather.

I can’t describe the feeling I get driving into the valley, towards the imposing Cliffs of Annacoona (Annacuna), it’s breath-taking.

If you go early in the morning (which I tend to do) you’ll just have sheep for company. If you have the time I’d suggest walking the loop, you’ll see derelict cottages, waterfalls, and a woodland walk at the old Mill Site. There’s an excellent booklet here to tell you more about the history of the place.

I stopped at the old schoolhouse, I can never take enough photos of this building. I also took a short bit of video, which might give you a sense of the atmosphere, what you can’t hear is the wind whistling through the gate, I thought back to the many people who had walked that path, and the stories they could tell.

I have to share the viral photo too. Taken during a blizzard, I remember how cold it was that day.

If you look upwards when you are at the building you will see Diarmuid and Grainne’s Cave. Just to let you know this is on private property and it’s a dangerous climb. I’ve only ever viewed the cave and the old school from the public road. There’s an excellent post here about the cave:

As you leave the old school and head back towards the ‘normal world’ you will see Mullaghmore in the distance – that’s one of my other favourite places. Watch this space for a blog post.

I thought long and hard about this one, there are so many beautiful places in Sligo that it’s hard to pick a favourite, but this one is it for me. If you are coming to Sligo you have to visit this place and let me know what you think. Sligo Walks have directions and more details:

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  1. Likewise, Mullaghmore and the horseshoe are very very special
    Had the privilege of working there at the Store/Creamery awhile back as well as at the Beach Hotel on the night shift

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