Leitrim Creative Ireland Open Call – Round 1

Deadline for applications: Midnight, Friday 4th of March 2022

Are you a creative practitioner who would like to work with a community group on an exciting collaborative creative project, or a group that would like to work with a professional creative practitioner? If so, this may be an opportunity for you. A central theme of Creative Ireland is collaboration in order to facilitate an ecosystem of creativity and to nurture the creative imagination through active engagement with the arts and culture. Creativity is an essential skill and communities and individuals of all ages can develop a sense of self and a shared understanding though creative expression.

Who can apply?

Any group within the community, or a venue or organisation working with a group, can look to develop a project with professional practitioners in any creative or cultural arena such as visual or performing arts, literature, heritage or other culture and creativity area. A group may approach the professional practitioner with a view to developing a project or visa-versa. While the application will most often be the community group, in some cases, such as where the artist(s) is a theatre company, it may be more appropriate for the artist to be the applicant. In all cases, it is vital that the project is a collaboration and that both the voice of the artist and the voice of the community members is evident.

We particularly welcome project proposals that involve groups that have had little or no previous involvement in creative projects for whatever reason; and in such cases we will endeavour to give whatever advice and assistance we can to ensure such projects can achieve the best possible experience for everyone involved.

The approach, purpose or subject matter of a project can start from any interest that the applicants share. It can be about the nature of the applicants themselves: being young; being old; being from a particular place. It can be to do with an interest or concern shared by the group and artist for our future; our past; the environment; technology; for how we interact with each other, and how or whether people have the opportunity to express themselves.

First time applicants may decide to apply initially to research an idea for a project, rather than commit to a longer, more involved and complex process. In these instances, the Creative Ireland programme can cover the costs of doing that, particularly the costs of professional practitioners to work with groups, and then go on to develop and submit a further application for a longer project in a subsequent round.

* It is important to note that while the creative practitioner/s applying can be from anywhere in Ireland, the group, venue or organisation must be based within county Leitrim to be eligible for this funding.

We’re here to help.

If you have an idea for a project or need assistance or further information just to get started, please contact Alice Dixon, Creative Ireland Project Manager, on creativeleitrim@gmail.com or contact Leitrim County Council on 071 96 21694.

Completed application forms must submitted online before midnight on Friday the 4th of March 2022. Full Guidelines and Application forms are available on www.leitrimarts.ie

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