Saturday Thoughts

This would normally be a Sunday thoughts post but in light of almost all of the restrictions being lifted in Ireland from 6am this morning it’s a post for today.

Before anyone takes the opportunity to have a dig at me, these are my thoughts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, you may not agree with me and that’s OK. It’s just a reminder to be kind.

I must admit I’m at bit baffled. The hashtag that was trending after the news broke last night was #ItsOver
But is it over? The numbers are still high. Is it just the case that Covid will be treated like a flu? Is it herd immunity? I really don’t know and I am quite worried.

I know there will be people telling me to just get on with life, but I am getting on with life, the way I feel comfortable with at the moment. When you have someone vulnerable in the house your outlook on life changes. Plus I’ve avoided Covid this far and I don’t want to fall at the final hurdle. Most people recover, but some don’t, and some get long Covid.

There is an air of optimism and that’s great, but I can’t help being anxious – I’m an anxious person anyway. As I say this is about me and my feelings, but I will continue to live as I have been for the last couple of years, I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything and to be honest I’m comfortable in my bubble.

By the way I’m not a hugger (even before the pandemic) so I’m hoping people don’t try to hug me. Keeping my distance was quite a blessing for me. To those of you who feel the same as I do, take care and mind yourself.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Thoughts

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  1. I tend to agree with you, Val. I’m hoping people will just respect the decisions made by someone who is looking to protect themselves & their family, especially with a vulnerable person. I too am in the camp of not getting covid & I wish to remain in it. Just like you said, be safe, be kind. 😍

  2. You know i agree and feel the same way. Health comes first, the rest can wait.
    p.s. have sent cards to family and friends that there will be no birthday visits, no hugs, no cake sharing, no celebrations. happy enough in my bubble

  3. It’s the same question any rational person should be asking. Governments make decisions and the public must take the consequences ..

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