Up to the caves

We’ve had some really lousy weather recently and it has made me very lazy. I’d normally go out for regular walks but the weather put a halt to my gallop, this morning I made myself go out. I had to go to Ballymote anyway (check out the baker truck there on Thursday and Saturday mornings), so before I bought a coffee and cake I went off to The Caves of Keash.

This is just outside Ballymote and it is one of my favourite places. It’s a short enough walk and you’ll be rewarded with stunning views, well if the weather is better you will. But even in the mizzle it’s worth the walk, and with the gravel on the pathways it’s fairly safe.

The birds were flying in and out of the caves and I could hear sheep and cows in the distance. I was taking photos inside the cave and I started to hear voices coming up the hill, it was a man and a woman but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I wasn’t sure if I should shout hello in case I frightened them as I came out of the caves, the weirdest thing is that when I did come out there was no one. It was so strange because I could hear them coming closer to the cave and then nothing. So I’ve no explanation for that.

It only takes around 30 minutes to get up and down, so it’s not too bad, when things reopen there is a visitor centre at in Keash village, so that’s worth checking out too.



5 thoughts on “Up to the caves

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  1. A little story that smells of the same fascinating flavour of the Irish novels. Travelling in your blog is always an exciting experience

  2. Great story and unlikely you would have missed them staring out of the cave..after all they hardly walked to the entrance and didn’t come in …

  3. Hi, I’ve traveled to Ireland and loved it. I actually think I should have been born there, but someone got their wires crossed. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and fun rambles.

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