When We Travel Again – The Ballymote Edition

Well the Tubbercurry post was very popular, 500 views and counting so here’s the Ballymote version, which also will include Kesh as it’s so close by.

Ballymote is another lovely town in South Sligo. It’s home to one of my favourite places in Sligo – Eagles Flying, of course it’s not open at the moment but I’d highly recommend a visit for people of all ages.

It’s not just birds either, there are all kinds of animals and the people who run the place are friendly and extremely knowledgeable, so you’ll find out so much about the animals.

Ballymote Castle is just beside the railway station, there’s quite an unusual walk to it, through a tunnel under the road, it kind of reminds me of a James Bond film (overactive imagination!)

The castle dates back to around AD 1300 and was one of the strongest castles in Connaught when it was first built. Although you can’t get into the castle it’s still very impressive to see and there’s a lovely walk around there.

On the other side of the railway station car park is a lovely short walk, you’ll see the statue of Brother Walfrid, who was the founder of the Celtic Football Club. You’ll also see a small stream and lots of ducks, it’s a pretty little walk and well worth checking out.

Now onto another Sligo gem, the magical Caves of Kesh (or Keash). This is just a fantastic place and so worth a visit.

The walk is steep in places, after all you are walking up a mountain, but it’s manageable. It only takes about 20 – 25 minutes to walk up and there is a seat half way so you can take a break. The toughest bit is the little narrow section on the brow of the hill, it can get quite muddy so just be aware of that.

Although there are 17 caves it’s really only advisable to go as far as the largest one as there is a danger from falling rocks if you go any further. When you are up at the cave have a look at the stunning view, there’s even a lake in the shape of Ireland.

Caves of Keash, Sligo

We are blessed to have such amazing places right on our doorstep, but you can put these on your list for #whenwetravelagain

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  1. Ballymote, what a great great place to visit, we have been there several times and we will be going back when this madness comes to an end. Thank you for warming my day and my heart.

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