When We Travel Again – The Tubbercurry Edition

I’ve had lots of messages from people over the years asking me to recommend places to visit in Ireland so I thought I do a few posts. Due to the current crisis there is a #whenwetravelagain campaign running so over the next couple of weeks I’ll share some photos of different areas. The first few posts will focus on home – beautiful Sligo.

For those who don’t know Sligo is located on the North West coast of Ireland. In my opinion it has the best of everything; beaches, forests, mountains, lakes and the peace and tranquility that makes a heart happy.

I’ll start my post in Tubbercurry – which is hitting the headlines for the television series Normal People. Below is Lough Talt, just outside the town of Tubbercurry, a beautiful scenic walk. Although you may have the company of sheep.

If you are looking for a lovely flat walk check out the Tubbercurry Trail. Perfect for stretching the legs and a section is wheelchair and pushchair friendly.

The walk goes through acres of woodland. There’s a stretch along the Maiden River, which is a tributary of the River Moy. You walk through the forest including the scenic Spruce corridor, and along Bog Cutters Road and the Rhue Road through the bog.

The old railway runs through the town, hopefully one day this will be a greenway so that people can walk or cycle along it. For now the horses enjoy it.

If you happen to visit in August keep a look out for the Tubbercurry Old Fair Day. Although it’s not running this year due to the virus, hopefully it’ll be back with a bang next year.

Also just outside Tubbercurry is a horse’s grave. This is hard to find now as it’s quite overgrown but back in the 1840’s the Mullarkey family, from the town owned a racehorse, ‘Pride of Ballyara’ and in their own words he won a large fortune for them racing in England over a number of years. The family thought so much of the horse that when he died they had him buried in the family plot.

The Pride of Ballyara

Tread softly oe’r this spot

If blood can give nobility
A noble steed was he
His sire was blood
and blood his dam
and all his pedigree

This slab is in remembrance
of a famous thorough bred
that netted a fortune
for the Mullarkey Family

In Black 47 the famine yrs.
Dr. J.P. Mullarkey
Purchased 2 cargoe
of oatmeal
And 2 cargoe of potatoes
and carted to Drumartin
Aclare, Tubbercurry
as a gift.

We shall nee’r meet
his like again

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse at Tubbercurry. Above is a photo of the filming of Normal People from September 2019.

Watch this space for more posts to inspire you for #whenwetravelagain

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