Feeling the love

Well I finally got to sleep last night, although I’m shattered today. There have been some lovely moments over the last couple of days though. Yesterday a friend gave me a ‘covid’ present, a pug mug, which I absolutely love. She also got me a Bleeding Heart plant, which I’d been after for a long time but couldn’t find one.

Today the postman arrived and I was wondering what I’d ordered but forgotten about 😉 it was a package of beautiful wrapped items, sent by a friend of mine.

It’s so lovely when you realise people are actually thinking about you in the midst of this new normal that we are in. I can’t wait to meet her for coffee when all this is over.

Also the two bee (or not to bee 😉 ) paintings were loved and have gone to new homes, which is just so thrilling for me that people like my paintings. I have to say thank you to Margie Dunne, who is an amazing artist and encouraged me to paint the bee above, from one of my paintings. I never thought I’d be able to do it so I’m pretty happy with it.

I really do have to get some new canvases though, or paint over some of the other paintings, because I’ve run out of canvases and I’m running out of room. I love painting though, it’s just so relaxing and I’m enjoying seeing what I can do. My favourite so far is the one below.


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