Dreams and Reality

I’ve written before about the mad dreams I’ve been having. Most of them involve water, the most recent one was that I was swimming with Robbie Williams and H from Marillion. We were swimming to get to musical instruments – and then I woke up so I couldn’t tell you what happened next. Anyway Steve, who reads the blog, suggested I paint my dreams. I had an underwater painting in progress so I finished it today. It’s like a calmer version of my dream (minus Robbie Williams!)

I also painted my first attempt at a robin, I struggled with this, my eyes aren’t great – neither are the robins. Anyway it’s OK for a first try.

Now onto reality. I was going around a local supermarket the other day and Crazy Nights by Kiss started playing. I was so tempted to jump on a stack of toilet rolls and start playing my air guitar. You’ll be glad to know I didn’t. I was also half tempted to buy a trumpet from Lidl too –  no idea why as I can’t play the trumpet. I blame lack of sleep on these mad thoughts.

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  1. Love your chubby robin! Not being judgmental. My two budgies, Fish and Chips, are shaped the same, bountiful way. How could they not be with names like those? Good piece here, Val. Don’t ever paint more and write less, please. Stay safe! Tish in Philadelphia

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