All about that cake

It’s been a strange few days. I’ve written several blog posts and deleted them. It would have been my mum’s birthday on Saturday, the first one since she died and while we weren’t close in the last few years it was still playing on my mind.

It was also my birthday yesterday, I was working so didn’t celebrate as such. I got some lovely pressies from the family and Lucy and Laurence took me out for lunch on Saturday which was great.

I went off today to treat myself to cake, I was meant to meet some friends but it didn’t work out so I went on my own. I was feeling a bit ‘off’ though so I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Also it’s been the first cake or treat I’ve had since Jan 1st.

Anyway I was walking through town and bumped into a friend, she took one look at my face and marched me off for a second bit of cake. A cake and a chat did me the world of good and I went off with a smile on my face. You can’t beat a kind word and a friendly face.

I was in such good form I even went off for a little explore and took a few photos. So an otherwise quiet day turned into a good one. Thanks to that friend, I’m very grateful.


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  1. Beautiful story Val , I can’t imagine you without loads of friends .. you come across as a very warm bubbly person so I’m very surprised to read some of your posts where you feel left out.. but that’s life with all its twists and turns and 50s are a time of seismic changes..

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