Sunday Thoughts

This is going to be a deep post. Sorry. The blog is the place I go to when I need to get the words out of my head.

Another loss last night. The people who poured vitriol on this person are now first in the queue with their outpourings of sympathy.

When will people understand that everyone has feelings? Regardless of whether they have a blue tick beside their name or not. Saying things on Social Media is exactly the same as saying something in real life, in fact it could almost be worse. It seems to create a mob mentality. Someone tweets something and others join in. What for? A like or a retweet?

I’ve always been of the opinion that I will only say online what I would say in real life to someone. We all have feelings and no one knows what’s going on in someone else’s life. A throw away comment could stay in someones mind for hours, days, weeks.

Just think before you post and be kind.

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