The day of love

Happy St. Valentine’s Day. Valentine was the patron saint of lovers, epilepsy and bees, among other things – including the plague it seems.

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but it’s usually the unofficial start of my birthday celebrations. It’s also a year since I picked up my car – that year fairly flew.

I went to the Tubbercurry Old Fair Day cake sale and as I haven’t had any cake since New Year’s Day I thought I’d treat myself, there was a beetroot and carrot cake there and it was lovely! I was delighted to win some beautiful flowers in the raffle too.

I also went to a writing class which was very interesting. I don’t usually write fiction but we were given the start of the story and had to think about one of the characters. I found myself getting really hooked in such a short space of time, so much so that I can see the character. So who knows maybe I’ll write something.

Anyway the point of this blog, I was thinking about love and all that kind of craic and I suppose I was thinking it starts with yourself. Now I’m not sure I can say I love myself but I do like myself and that’s huge progress as a few years ago I couldn’t stand the person I was, which is really an awful thing to say. I’ve learnt a lot though and over the last year my confidence has grown so much which is brilliant.

Who knows where I’ll be this time next year. Who knows where any of us will be, but things can change for the better and usually when you least expect it.


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