Sunday morning ramblings

I was thinking back over the last week, having been rudely awoken by Storm Ciara and the neighbour’s gate banging against the wall.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Damien Mulley if I’d be interested in being interviewed for his blog. If you don’t know Damien he’s a really good guy, he’s a Social Media guru among other things. I remember back in the day when Sligo Secrets (now Sligo Hub) was a thing and I was trying to get mentoring to see where it was going. I was advised to contact various agencies to see if they could help, one of them was very rude to me and I was on twitter complaining. Damien gave me his number and I remember sitting in the Argos car park and making a very sniveling phone call – on my part. Damien spoke sense and I’ll never forget his kindness. Anyway I’m rambling! The interview is here, I really enjoyed doing it, there were some thought provoking questions. So thank you Damien.

Also this week I went to a couple of events that would have petrified me in the past. I breezed into both without a care, another sign to me that I’m so much stronger than I was. Although in saying that I still mingled at the tea table during one of them! Although this time around I didn’t inhale all the food – another miracle.

At one event there were various speakers and most of them spoke about being nervous, I’d never have thought it of these people if they hadn’t mentioned it. They all look so calm and collected and like they have their s*** together. Just shows never judge a book by it’s cover. Anyway I was listening to what they were saying, there was lots of talk of connections and stories and I was looking at the carpet, at the threads that were pulled and it reminded me of life. I’m going to get deep now so roll your eyes if necessary.

The threads reminded me of life, how we are all weaved into some kind of tapestry. Some of us are settled, some pulled and ragged. Some of the threads are connected and some are completely disconnected. I don’t know where I’m going with this but it just seemed to jump out at me. When I look back over the years the majority of the people I know now I’d never met but you go to events you get to talk to people and you find a connection, a thread that pulls you together. I was at another event and there’s a lady who goes and I think she can almost read my mind in some cases, we have a similar sense of humour and I feel like she understands me.

Thinking of the carpet and the threads, there are some off way into the distance, threads that haven’t joined yet but one day might be part of the bigger picture, the tapestry that makes up life. On that note I’m going to have breakfast and not think about threads or carpets 😉


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