A Spa with a View

I love going to spas, in a hectic world it’s lovely just to take time out and relax. I was thrilled when Laurence gave me a voucher for The Ice House in Ballina, Co. Mayo. I was over in Ballina today to record my radio show on BCRFM so I booked a seaweed bath at The Ice House.


Before my bath I got to use the thermal suite which consisted of a fabulous aromatherapy room – I just loved this, the colours were amazing. I also used the steam room and sauna and the experience showers. The showers had three different settings and were different colours depending on the setting you picked. It was a real sensory experience.


The seaweed bath was wonderful, it was outdoors in a wooden tub on the terrace overlooking the River Moy and not at all cold because the water was so warm. I watched the seagulls swooping, the clouds moving and the river changing colour – from blue to grey and back to blue again. In the distance I could see Belleek Woods with people walking their dogs. It was just so peaceful and relaxing.


After my bath I went into the relaxation room which also looks over the River. It really was a lovely way to spend an afternoon so thank you Laurence for the voucher.


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