Sunday random roundup

I haven’t done a catch up blog post for a while so I thought I’d write one. I’m 12 days into Dry January and all is going well, I have to say I’m not missing alcohol at all so that’s a good sign. I’m also still eating healthily and haven’t had any cake, considering I went to a tea party where there was cake that’s nothing short of a miracle.

I’ve lost a few pounds in weight, another bonus, but my jeans are still too tight so I’ll keep at it. What I’ve decided is that instead of ‘treating’ myself to cake or junk food I’ll treat myself to something nice. So far I’ve bought a unicorn jumper which I think is pretty amazing, it’s meant to be for a child – well a 13 year old child but I love it. I’ve also bought a birdhouse for the garden so maybe in spring we might get some residents. I’m also still doing 100 days of walking which is enjoyable – when the weather is nice anyway, I’ve added a photo from one of my walks at the top of this post.

This weekend has been spent spring cleaning, Andy was telling me about some tips from a Feng Shui website so I was sorting out my bedroom. First of all the bed was in the ‘coffin’ position with the feet heading out the door so that’s been moved. I also cleared out all the stuff under the bed because that’s meant to disturb sleep. I moved the bookcase from the end of the bed because the website said books can stimulate your mind. So I’ll see how I get on. If you want to check out the website you can find it here.

Another thing I’ve been doing over the weekend is checking out the Irish Genealogy website. More historical records are now available online including: birth register records – 1864 to 1919, marriage register records – 1845 to 1944
and death register records – 1878 to 1969. I found the marriage details for both sets of my grandparents, it’s great because I never knew the dates they got married or even what church and now I do. I also discovered that my great-grandfather on my paternal side was a baker and I found out that my mother’s sister died from tonsillitis when she was just five years old. It’s fascinating finding out all these little facts and I was never interested in genealogy before now. You can check out the website here, I discovered that it’s better not to put an area into the search because there are so many different town lands that if the location isn’t correct you won’t get a result. You can find the website here, happy searching. 

So that’s my random roundup for this week. We’re promised a big storm tomorrow – another one! I’m hoping it won’t be as bad as they say it will be but it’s meant to hit the whole of Ireland. Stay safe where ever you are.



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