Havin’ a Laugh – The Book

I’m very excited about Havin’ A Laugh, the book and I’d love you to get involved. I got to know the charity, Havin’ a Laugh, when I was in the depths of depression. They were such a support when I was going through mental health counselling and didn’t know where else to turn. One of the things I missed most was having someone to go for coffee with so 2 years ago I started a monthly coffee morning in Sligo. In November 2019 a second monthly coffee morning was started in Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim.

It was at one of these coffee mornings where the idea was born,  I want to make people smile and laugh with this book and share how important it is to have a laugh or smile even on our darkest days.

We came up with the idea of bringing out a book of short, funny stories that have happened to us or non-fiction stories that might make us smile or laugh. The book would be a fantastic way to raise awareness of the charity and promote positive mental health.

So we have an open call for submissions. We are looking for funny or uplifting stories, poems, jokes, illustrations and photos. When breaking through recovery and the cracks start appearing, let humour shine through.

The Charity was established by Rennafix Group to promote positive mental health through life-enhancing activities. They are dedicated to the promotion of life-enhancing activities as essential tools for personal emotional stability and positive mental health.

The charity fundraise through the creation of events that showcase the life-enhancing activities available in our locality. The ethos of the organisation is that those who are ‘up for it and at it’ have a platform from which they can support those who do not have that drive. Understanding that any community or group of friends is only as strong as its weakest member.

We are taking submissions at any time up until April Fools Day April 1st. The charity will be hosting two workshops in March to help get your story on to paper or edit what you have submitted already.

Stories of no more than 1000 words. Photos and illustrations 1600×1200 pixels minimum.

There is more information about the charity via their website http://www.havinalaugh.com/ and on Facebook.  Send your contributions to book.havinalaugh@gmail.com

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