Breathing and Blooming

I met Bernie from Breathe and Bloom at our Leitrim coffee morning and she kindly invited me along for a treatment. I’d heard her speak on Claire Ronan’s show on Ocean FM and I thought she sounded lovely so I was delighted to actually meet her.

Bernie provides all kinds of wonderful treatments including Reiki and Indian Head Massage to name a couple of things. She also does a variety of workshops and blends bespoke essential oils.

As soon as I walked into Bernie’s treatment room I felt at ease, it was so colourful and welcoming with candles glowing and soothing music. Bernie explained what she was going to do and the first part of the session was pendulum work, she worked on my heart chakra which she said was blocked. I kind of knew that anyway, I’m very guarded so tend to just build a wall up and not let people in. I did try to allow people in but whenever I get a knock back the wall goes back up again. My root chakra also has issues which Bernie told me means I live in my head a lot – true.

A Reiki treatment was next. I really like the way Bernie explained everything to me and I loved all the blankets on me, the weight of them made me feel warm and cosy. I really have trouble relaxing so I was surprised that I was actually very relaxed during the treatment, my arms and legs felt very heavy and I sort of zoned out during the meditation part – which is nothing short of a miracle.

Bernie also did a brief angel card reading and it was bizarre because all the same messages came up as the ones that Tanya from Tubbercurry had told me – I hadn’t written about them either. So I’ll watch this space with interest.

Bernie had also very kindly made me up a sleep oil, which is very much needed because my sleep is all over the place. So I’ll let you know how I get on with that.

It was such a relaxing afternoon and I really love Bernie’s inspirational story of how she started her business. You can find the Breathe and Bloom website here and I’d really recommend a visit. I’m looking forward to a return visit already.

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