Connections, Conversations and Cakes

I’m absolutely shite at making friends. I think at school they should have a class to teach you how to do this 🙂 I always feel like I’m not worthy enough to be someone’s friend. That they’d think I’m odd (I am), or not funny enough, or just a bit of a loser. So in the past I’ve tended to run away, build the wall up, not let people get close.

The thing is I’m an open book so when I’m chatting to people I have no filter. If it’s in my head it gets said. Usually it’s something daft. Even if I don’t say something my facial expressions usually tell people what I’m thinking anyway!

Over the last few months I’ve noticed there are connections happening and lots of conversations, usually over cake. Today I was given a gift and told that my blog and my words have really helped. This makes me so happy. My blog is my go to place. Most of my thoughts end up on here and to know that it helps others is so lovely to hear.

So maybe next year there might be more connections, conversations and cake and perhaps a bit less loneliness.




3 thoughts on “Connections, Conversations and Cakes

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  1. Val Im fussy about who my friends are, and you most definitely are my friend… not as much coffee cake and chat as we should but you are a good and inspiring woman. Most of us have lonely times. Ive a good feeling about 2020. May it bring lots of new adventures and stronger friendships. Wishing you, Andy, Lucy & Jono a very happy Christmas

  2. Your openness and honestly is lovely and refreshing. thank you. May you enjoy many more cuppas and chats. Happy Christmas x

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