I’m drawing a line under today

Some days I’m winning, everything goes right and falls into place. Today wasn’t one of those days. Firstly I went to a fabulous Tea Party for the #AskforAngela campaign. It was held in the Mayor’s Parlour and there was a great buzz of chatter so I was talking quite loudly about being careful about not knocking things over with my arse. Just as I got to the word arse the room went quiet. I was slightly mortified!

On my way home I got fuel and was so busy thinking about everything else I had to do that I drove off without paying! I’ve never done that in my whole life. Luckily I realised before I got home and went back to pay.

Finally I was sitting at the traffic lights and instead of switching the electric windscreen heater on I ended up switching the car off. Thank goodness the traffic wasn’t moving. I tell you I was glad to get home today!

On a positive note, I met some lovely people. Some that I’d known for years on Twitter but never met. I also enjoyed lovely cakes. I called into The Hyde Bridge Gallery where three of my paintings are in the RUN (secret exhibition) and one has gone so I think it’s been sold…eek!

I also bought the book above from Liber. I met Faye a couple of months ago and clicked with her. She’s a fellow blogger and we have a few other things in common too. I started reading the book over lunch and am really enjoying it. Faye has a great way with words and I found myself smiling and nodding at some of the things she said. If you aren’t living locally you can order the book here. It’s great because the chapters are short and you can just dip in and out of it – plus it fits in your handbag.

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