Talking to an angel

This year I’ve had a few lovely people come into my life. Tanya is one of those, she runs Reiki Concept Therapies and I went to see her shortly after my mum died. I had no energy and almost cancelled my treatment because I was so tired.I went though and I’m so glad I did. I came bouncing out after my treatment.

Tanya also has a very special gift. She knows things that she wouldn’t know from anywhere else. I have to laugh because as I’m typing this the radio is turning itself down! Anyway I went to see Tanya yesterday for an angel card reading.

Tanya told me my mother is always with me. Things came up on the cards that were uncanny. I’m not going to lie, my relationship with my mother wasn’t an easy one. I tried for many years to be the perfect daughter until I finally realised that there is no such thing. I was setting myself up for failure. The people who know me in real life will know the full story, there’s a lot of hurt there.

This whole experience has taught me a lot about myself but it’s also made me very guarded. I don’t tend to let people in and I can be my own worst enemy. I doubt my abilities a lot of the time and I have a sense that I’m going to fail at things so sometimes it stops me trying.

Anyway you can’t change the past. I’d have loved things to have been different but you play with the cards you are dealt in life, and sometimes you just have to walk away – as hard as it is.

Going to see Tanya was almost like a counselling session. One of the cards that came up was to do with dreams. It was so weird because the night before, ‘Danny Boy’ started playing in my dream. It was so vivid and I saw an old lady walking across a huge room. The day my mum died I played her some of the songs that she used to love and one of them was Danny Boy.

After my reading with Tanya I went off shopping and when I was having lunch the light above me was getting brighter and dimmer. I thought it was the whole cafe so I looked around and it was really distracting but it was just the light above me. When I was driving home two songs about mother came on the radio, just bizarre really.

Tanya is based in Tubbercurry, she does Reiki treatments and angel card readings. I’ll wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone. She’s a very special person. You can find her on Facebook.

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  1. Clearly… she’s trying to let you know she is watching over you. And the really nice thing about passing to the other side is… we learn all the truths. She now sees and understands the perfect daughter you always have been, despite whatever missed her eyes and ears while she was here. I have no doubt, she’s loving you dearly!

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