Ice ice baby

I’ve often read stories of people getting injured in their kitchens and of course I’ve had accidents cooking but last week I had a run in with the freezer.

It was getting to the stage that I could only wedge about two things in the freezer with all the ice in there. It was a regular battle shoving things in and quickly slamming the door shut before the food fell out so I decided it was time I defrosted it. I didn’t do it the sensible way though. I went at it with a knife (don’t do that!) Firstly a shard of ice flew into my eye – and it hurt! Secondly the knife slipped and and went into my hand! Ouch!

On a positive note I now have a really clean freezer but a bit of a sore hand. Next time I get a freezer I’m getting one that defrosts itself.

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