Here we go again

I spoke too soon about kicking the insomnia because here I am again wide awake at a silly hour.

I took Jono to see a physical therapist yesterday in the hope he might get some relief. He had an appointment with pain management last week and was so happy because he thought he’d get his injections that relieve the pain and he’d be able to have a few weeks to do things he wanted to do. It turned out they were just trying to get him to go on a course to deal with the pain.

I don’t understand how they needed to bring him in for this and why it couldn’t have been done in a letter. He was upset because he’s back to waiting again and we’ve no idea how long for this time.

I’d love to have a magic wand to take his pain away. Or to find out some way to help him.

In the time it took for the consultant to tell us about the course she could have given him the injections.

The course was to be held for a day a week for 8 weeks and was to combine talks about pain medication, physio and mindfulness. Jono is in such pain he’s not able to do anything for a day. After an hour or so he’s exhausted. So unfortunately he’s not able to take part.

Anyway we’ll wait and see what happens with the physical therapist but I have to say he was in better shape last night than he was before the appointment.



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  1. I am so sorry about you both. Stress can bring about all sorts , what can I say. ? Please go to your Drs I pray that you will be shown tha right direction to take and will. Both of you will get well

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