Tuesday Treats

Firstly the insomnia has gone missing thankfully. I found a new trick, counting down from 100, I can only get to 96 and I’m asleep. I’ve also gone from clenching all my muscles (including my jaw) in my sleep to having really vivid dreams. It’s quite hard to wake up from them too, they feel so real and I find I’m tired when I wake up because I’ve gone through a range of emotions in my dreams.

Anyway today I went for a botanical bath at the Eros Spa in the Yeats Country Hotel, Rosses Point. It was just so relaxing and something I’ve wanted to do for a while. It’s strange because since my mum died I’ve gone from wanting a bath or to go dancing. I’ve done both….there was a disco in the village on Saturday and I danced like I was young again. Mind you I didn’t feel so young the next day!

I’ve decided it’s important to do what I feel like doing and to be kind to myself. I’m still a bit all over the place and it’s a real mix of emotions but I’m letting myself go with the flow.

I also want to visit a garden. I was thinking about the National Botanic Gardens but I don’t really fancy a trip to Dublin. I have booked a Garden and Apiary Tour in Belleek Castle, Ballina so I’m looking forward to that. It sounds like a very relaxing day. Want to come along? You can find out more details here.



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