Springing Forward

Sligo sheep

The clocks went forward last night/this morning and as we head into summer I take a look back.

I woke up this morning listening to the birds singing and watching the sun streaming through the gaps in the curtains. I am amazed at the change within me over the last couple of months especially.

The knot in my chest has gone. I’m not intimidated by everything and everyone as I used to be. Of course there is still the occasional blip, usually connected with crowds but that’s OK. We can’t be relaxed all the time.

Lyon's Cafe, Sligo lunch

It’s been a lovely weekend. Lucy came down and we volunteered at the Cairde Clothes Swap yesterday which was great fun. We had lunch in Lyon’s Cafe in Sligo town. I love it there, they cater for everyone with vegetarian options and an amazing variety of salads, they also have daily specials. Well worth a visit.

Lucy and Jono have given me money for Mother’s Day for Afternoon Tea in The Happiness Trap in Enniskillen. I’m very excited about that, it was part of the Enniskillen Taste Tour and was amazing. I’ll let you know how I get on when I go 😀




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