Heading to Romania

Thanks to Ryanair cheap flights (€15) I’m heading to Romania. I saw the Getaway travel programme and it inspired me. Now I know they travelled around most of the country but it still looked really interesting.

So I’m sitting at the airport because, of course, I was way too early. I drove up because my flight home arrives in at midnight and I didn’t fancy hanging around the airport for 7 hours or staying in Dublin which is so expensive.

The drive was grand, it took around 2 and a half hours. The worst part was I was busting for a wee (too much information I know). I was delighted to see the applegreen service station but it was closed!

Anyway I got the the airport and headed to a well known burger establishment for breakfast, only they didn’t serve breakfast, so I had a veggie burger. It was pretty awful, if you can imagine dried out stuffing that’s what it was like. The queue to eat there was out the door and I was tempted to tell people to just eat a napkin, I think it might taste nicer.

I should be boarding the plane in just over an hour. If you follow me on Social Media I’ll share some of the photos. I’m hoping to get to Dracula’s Castle so that should be really interesting. I’m on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (magnumlady) on each one.

I’ll hopefully post when I’m in Romania 😁

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