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Aviva Conference

I went to the Women’s Inspire Network event at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin during the week. This is a network of women in business, or thinking of starting a business.

The head of the network is the lovely Samantha Kelly aka the Tweeting Goddess. I’ve known Samantha online for many years but I got to meet her in person at this event and she’s just as great as she comes across online. As busy as she was she had time for everyone and she treated everyone the same way, in a room full of movers and shakers, this was refreshing to see.

I started off being late, which was unavoidable due to the train times, so I was already kind of on the wrong foot. The event had started and I’d missed the networking. At the coffee break it seemed like most people knew each other so I stood back and watched. You know me and crowds. A lovely lady came up and we got chatting and during the event a few others did too. What I really liked was that there were no snide looks and everyone smiled at each other. That’s quite a rare thing I find these days.

I heard so many great, and yes, inspirational speakers. Not just women either. I learned quite a lot about Social Media and I enjoyed listening to the ‘warts and all’ real life stories.

Imelda May was one of the speakers and I didn’t fan girl…. definitely growing up. I enjoyed chatting to Amanda Webb – if you need to know anything about Social Media she’s the lady to help.

I have to say I really enjoyed this event. It was worth the long trip.

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