Mundane musings

A blog post with a bit of everything and thanks Lucy for the blog title. I thought I’d tell you some of the things that I like and some things that have been going on.


Firstly Puggly (one of our dogs) seemed very down. I wondered if dogs got depression, it turns out they do, but that wasn’t it. I managed to get a look in his mouth and a couple of his teeth looked a bit dodgy so off we went to The Well Pet Hospital in Sligo. Susie, one of the vets there, was brilliant. She said he needs some work done on his teeth so he’s booked in for November. In the meantime he’s on antibiotics and painkillers and is so much better already. So a big thumbs up to The Well Pet Hospital….and thankfully Puggly didn’t decorate the clinic like he did last time!


Now for something completely different.. I’ve really got back into reading recently and I’ve got some book recommendations for you. I usually read crime novels (and then I wonder why I have nightmares). The first book is Lullaby (The Perfect Nanny in some countries) by Leïla Slimani a really disturbing beginning and quite a disturbing book but I was hooked throughout.

The second book is Take Me In by Sabine Durrant – I loved this, it was a real page turner and had my heart racing – until the end when I couldn’t make out what on earth happened. It was like someone told the author she had to finish the book so she quickly did. If anyone else has read it and can tell me what they think I’d love to know.

The book I’m reading at the moment is Cornflakes for Dinner by Aidan Comerford. This isn’t a crime book, it’s real life and at times hilarious, other times heartbreaking. Aidan writes an honest account of having two daughters with autism. He’s a comedian though and I found myself snorting with laughter….not good when you are on the train!

So there are a few books for you to check out. The final thing I have to tell you about is a toilet cleaner – oh the excitement! I’ve had terrible trouble with limescale (in the toilet not me personally) and I’ve tried everything to get rid of it but no luck. I saw these Harpic Power Plus Tablets so I thought I’d give them a try and they are miracle workers! I didn’t even have to scrub. Jaysus that sounds like an advert!

This is probably one of the most random posts I’ve written but I hope it’s of interest.

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